Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hallucination Dream

I haven't been blogging my dreams lately because I have only been able to remember fragments of them. Even the one I had last night I can barely remember but I am going to try to describe it anyway...

It started out with me and family members or friends gathering for a ‘trip’ on a sort of bus. This ‘bus’ was a lot more like a house since it eventually had an upstairs and a sort of yard- even though the main floor was more of this bus-like place: lots of seats. It was like one of those fancy buses with compartments that the people in the front and back seats have access to. After some debate I sat in the front left because I knew that there would be food and drinks there- as these compartments were always filled as I remembered from my last experience here [I believe this ‘bus’ has been in previous smaller dreams- I don’t remember its presence in other dreams but I do remember the bus being familiar to me in the dream]. A guy sat next to me and took some nachos from my compartment. There were a lot of nachos but there was a Doritos bag that I tried to protect from him because I preferred that over Doritos. You never knew what the compartments were going to have.

The guy left to let his sister or friend take the seat next to me who eagerly wanted to be next to me (it may have been a cousin) and the compartments in front of her had strange but really cool drinks- some were half-drank already but I grabbed a coconut one. I am not sure why this food-segment is so vivid. I became more and more aware of the excellent selection that actually was in front of me.

Then it was time for sleep- so everyone on the bus went to sleep including me. I had a lucid dream that I had walked out of the bus-house and down the street where there was a large quantity of walking people, military presence and a sort of maze of metal wire fences. It wasn’t much of a maze: just lines of gate making a very poor maze. I just walked around and I noticed that the military were fighting some zombies that were around. They didn’t seem to be causing a problem and I realized immediately that I must be dreaming: since this would never happen. So I figured I could just walk around and I could wake up whenever I wanted to if it got to be too much. A zombie appeared to be coming after me at one point upon which I decided to join the military in destroying them with a sort of catapult I obtained. So I would go behind these gates and catapult ‘clay’ over them in hopes of hitting the zombies. I did pretty good for the most part and eventually most people dissipated and I went back out to the street.

I saw what looked like an old hunched over person with their head covered and a person with them. I got the strong sense that this person was a zombie so I threw clay at her point-blank and either she or the person she was with threw a syrofoam cup containing a strange white liquid in my face (thick milk?). I collapsed on the ground and decided I was getting freaked out and wanted to wake up. Then I couldn’t wake up- and I WAS trying. This may have been a lucid dream inside a dream but it was still a lucid dream (at some points at least). I eventually lifted my head up and decided to walk back to the bus in the dark. I noticed my bike on the side of the road and rode the rest of the way back and left it in the yard and went back to sleep: thoroughly stressed because technically I hadn’t woken up yet.

Then I had another dream from there that I had to walk back to my bus-house again from the same location and found what I thought was the same bike in the same location. So I rode back and put the bike in the yard- then I noticed that the bike I had ridden to get back from the first dream was right where I left it. So I ran inside the bus-house and started freaking out to everyone and some adults who might have included my mom. Nobody took me seriously at first and I went upstairs to talk to these adults because I still had evidence with the two bikes in the yard.

After a short time a couple people ran upstairs freaking out-saying they had the same ‘dream’ and they had just gotten back from biking from Lincoln street (apparently that is where the dreams put you). This didn’t happen to some people who still were kinda nervous since now it wasn’t just me acting insane.

So the next day the bus reached its destination which seemed to be a family reunion. I began to have vivid hallucinations like my dream. I hallucinated a zombie that I as kinda wrestling with until I was informed that I was hallucinating. So I pushed the zombie off and it turned into a kinda-creepy guy prolly just a little younger than me. Then somebody, who knew I was still seeing somebody tried to ask it questions even though they couldn’t see or hear it. I think the questions were for me to hear the answers to.

I can’t remember all that was said but the hallucination told her about socks from Hot Topic called “young columbine” or something like that. Then I freaked out more because I didn’t know about any socks called ‘young columbine’ and why would I even think of that? I thought that meant that he must be a real entity. Eventually he got distracted by my family and went to sit with somebody else- upon which I didn’t see him again.

Some really strange stuff happened with my little cousins. Such as one was pretending to be deaf while another blew a trumpet at her. Me and my sister tried to comfort her because we assumed she was upset about something. My sister said something like “College students love everyone.” I said something similar and then tried to lift her to sit up straight or something and got freaked out by a device she attached to herself that would make sounds (some sort of stringed instrument). I was convinced that I must be repeatedly hallucinating.

I sat down with my cousin David and Grammy Lamberto and began to tell them about my lucid dream and the bikes but before I could get more than a paragraph through it I began to have the feeling that nothing around me was real. I stood up and spoke but I could not hear myself or anything else and I slowly lost my eyesight.

Somebody came up to me and put their mouth directly onto my ear and asked, “Can you feel this?”

Delighted that I had some sensation left in my body I replied positively, saying I could hear them. The one who had done it continued to talk me through what was happening…and I really don’t remember anything after that…

But ya…family hallucination!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I miss that fish <3

A dream that I didn't forget first coming right up...!

There was a big house-like place that seemed to be for couples. Not necessarily intimate couples just groups of two. When I first started dreaming I was outside of it and it was dark out. There were a lot of people outside but I didn’t want to go back alone because most of them were pretty creepy so I asked some people if one of them might walk me back. A few of them volunteered but I just went with one person. We walked back in the house and apparently I had been working on something with some older guy (it may have been the one walkng me back). The older guy could make a clone of anything so long as he could touch it.

On TV we saw a very special fish. I am not sure everything that made it special but it was some extremely amazing fish that either could use telepathy or talk. It was a fairly large fish too (maybe tuna-sized or slightly larger). It had some cool shiny colors on it too. I think it had attributes of other animals as well. The person I was with rushed to go and touch it so we could make its clone and we did.

The fish was extremely awesome in my dream. I loved it. It was the only thing I think I can remember having any emotion towards at all. I just really wanted to be around this fish and protect it. It was a very mature, intelligent fish. Me and this fish talked a lot and I pet it and sometimes…somehow…was in the water with it…although its fish tank was not pool-sized.

I walked along the hallways of this weird couple’s institution and saw somebody I was trying to avoid and started running away. He started chasing me but I remembered he was officially my partner or bf or something (whatever it meant to be a couple in the building) and it wasn’t long before he transported me to him. Every couple in the building had the capability of transporting their partner to them at any time. I really wanted to remedy that although he was upset about the idea and didn’t want me to and made it difficult for me to get to the first floor information desk to tell them to disable it. He tried to hide my fish several times.

I finally was able to disconnect myself from his transporter ability thing and left for a while. When I came back I was with somebody else (Veggie) I think- but I was thinking of connecting myself to the other guy again so he wouldn’t be too upset- he had gotten short and fat- kinda dwarf like since then. (the teleporter connections are Just teleporter connections in my dream- like you don’t need to be partnering or bf/gf – you just need to tell the information desk you are)

Me and veggie were staying on the third floor for a while- near the fish…we wanted lunch so we went to the main floor where we figured the cafeteria would be. We were directed to the top floor (4th floor) where it apparently was. When we were there we were directed to a ship told to us by the owner of the fish…and maybe the fish, I can’t recall. So we left for this ship.

We were on a ship with a bunch of people. I don’t think I was the navigator but multiple people took turns steering the ship. We were trying to rescue somebody and apparently steering poorly and we came to a ledge. Suddenly the water dropped and tore something off the sides of the ship that was against the cliffs. We suffered damage to the sails as well so we eventually were just ‘driving’ the ship with oars and stuff.

We came across a house…or a kitchen. Where we found a man who said that we could have a much easier time steering the boat than we were making it (we were crashing and nearly crashing into everything after the first crash). He stuck a new steering wheel into the boat and it began to move almost as well as a car.

He explained some sort of mission that was going on and I went with him down a thin channel where there were birds lined up on the walls. He explained to me as we went that we were looking for some evil bird. He pointed certain things out for me and described the bird.

We came upon something that looked like a seagull toy in a glass. We left it alone but soon after there was a seagull switch…like a light switch horizontally with a figurine seagull attached to it and many tiny buttons on the plate. The man explained that the birds always pecked at it but could never hit the buttons.

I took it off the rocky wall and put it into a plastic bag.

He said the one next to it he suspected to be its mother. The one next to it looked almost like a yellow egg yoke except bird like in texture. So I grabbed it and put it in a separate bag. Then we began to turn around.

He explained to me about a giant water-house we were coming up to and how the residents-all except one who I think might have been my sister- were evil. A lot of it was blocked off so you couldn’t see in. Sometimes I could see in and watch people I knew doing strange things- like a type of martial arts with string or knitting supplies…I am not sure.

There was a lot of stuff after this that involved everything and going back to the kitchen….but none of it very clear to me anymore…

….what a great fish that was!

Monday, October 22, 2007

watch out- super giant dream coming up

My most recent dream that I feel like I ought to type up is kinda insane…but I will do the best I can x_x

I am not certain how it started out but…part one:

I was walking down the street to McDonalds and came across a TI-83 or 86. I picked it up. Then some guy came and began talking to me. I felt like he wasn’t the true owner of the calculator and thought that he was just trying to befriend me to get it [for the remainder of the dream I still felt this way] although he insisted upon my accusation that this was not true.

He walked to McDonalds with me and there were several rooms. There was a party going on in one room and in another room there was tasty treats and toys in a bag. I ate some of the food and put some of the toys in my bag. Then I suggested to my new friend that we join the little kid’s party and give him the toys I had found. He agreed and we went to his party. At some point I had managed to get my own toys for him after having gotten to known the little boy and talked to him. I got him a used box set of random video games…like Donkey Kong and Halo [despite the fact they aren’t even for the same systems]. I cannot remember the others in the set but I did before I started forgetting this dream. I also had a small box of sharp objects for him that I told him not to use without his parent’s permission on account that he might get hurt.

His parents came in [we were in some room with a computer] and looked at me funny cause I was some stranger who just came to their son’s party and started giving presents. I explained the toys I had given him and they seemed okay with it although in regards to the systems they had they only had one and it was four letters….I can’t remember what it was…something like PoPo. It was some system that came with one game- so I said if I found a cheap GC I would give it to him- although apparently, somehow, all the games I was giving him was also compatible with the computer.

Now this dream is connected to another part…in a really weird way, but I have to explain the next part as though it happened separately. Part 2:

I was in a large building- full of dorms or things like dorms. Spence or Veggie…I will go with Spence for now... was also in it in a room near mine or the same as mine. My neighbors had 8 infants that essentially were the size of my finger.

Somehow these people with infants also had tons and tons of pokemon and were mistreating them. Me and somebody else kinda had a pokemon battle involving electric pokemon (on my side) [although no Pikachu] notably a red electric pokemon that is in diamond that I can’t recall the name of and some other non-animal ones (voltorb, etc).

Still in the same building though…something is sketchy going on with Spence or Veggie…not certain, it may have been both in two different parts of the building. I kept stalking Spence to find out what the secret things he was doing were, it included stalking other people as well where I would watch them enter codes to get into rooms while I looked and memorized them.

At one point Veggie (or Spence but I think Veggie this time) had let me up to where he ‘worked’ which was in a cubical like place in a larger room with older people busily working- it looked politically related as well as computer science related. Although nobody would tell me anything and nobody wanted me there.

At some point I followed Spence up to the roof where there was Emily, Veggie and John. Emily grabbed my arm and John grabbed Spence’s arm. John dragged Spence back into the building after he sang a son or recited a poem [something like that]- although I was really confused and thought it had something to do with the mystery that I was trying to figure out. I chased after them but once inside they were nowhere to be found. I went back out on the roof and Spence was in a trenchcoat [he wasn’t before] and somebody said that I had followed along with spence’s predictions in his lyrics.

I was upset at whatever implication that was and denied it- insisting that anyone would have chased their friend back into the building.

At another point I had a car and it was snowing out and I had tracked veggie into the parking lot of a large corporation. The time around this was very blurry. I seem to remember a lot of people walking around who were poor- but not hobos [you know how financially troubled people just seem to wander the streets all night]. When I had returned to the car- in some really horrible hurry- having something to do with the next part- I managed to run over some of these people who were really stupid and pretty much just trying to get run over- don’t remember what happened after that.

And that is all I can remember of that part

Now the Merging ‘end’ of the two:

So, me, along with others have some supernatural abilities or are special in some way are in vehicles on an island in which we live. There are gigantic entities [monsters, machines, something] in multiple locations. I somehow had a nice view of where everyone was who was moving or doing what. I seemed to be in a situation helping veggie who’s vehicle was not moving- running back and forth between my car and his for some unknown reason. The kid and his parents were also there in a car. Somewhere.

So eventually the entities ‘win’ destroying the island and sending us and our vehicles into the ocean- at the same time I notice a strange parade- on a tv or in the distance and I remember the exact moment in the parade when we are plummeted into the ocean.

So I go back in time to when I was with the kid and his parents and leave in search of this parade- instead of continuing on to the corporation or wherever. I happen to see this parade at the same exact time I was supposed to ‘die’ and I saw a guy on stilts talking to somebody and leaving.

I become frightened of the parade and search for a house with people in it so I can use their TV to watch it and see what has become of the island. I finally find an open door and the guy with the silts [although no longer on stilts] was there- along with his gf or wife. I try to get him to understand- he doesn’t but he lets me stay anyway- insisting I look out the window for the parade which will apparently be going by any minute.

So I look outside for the parade and sure enough it comes around the corner- but it has gotten a lot creepier. Some creepy guy runs out of the group and digs up a portion of the yard and runs back. Some of the characters are looking at me so I shut and lock the window but I can’t get myself to watch the tv because the parade is so close.

Eventually things start trying to get in and the guy helps me fend them off. At one point an assassin comes in with guns and attempts to shoot me point blank but I grab the gun and try to shoot him- which doesn’t work. He gets another bigger gun and I try again to grab it and shoot him which doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter though because he can overpower me. So I have to submit and I end up travelling somewhere that isn’t in my normal reality- kind of like a purgatory waiting house/room/something. There is somebody who I am with- maybe the guy I thought was trying to get my TI-86- I don’t know. Somehow I agree to do a task for several days for a tip to get out- I produce gold for 3 days and ask a person who I never see the face of to get out. He directs me to a window- where I can climb out into a mechanical area and then again through another window- which leads me back to the snowy parking lot at the corporation- seeming to indicate that I was a prisoner in the corporation.

I know this was not real though and somehow think clear water has to do with where I need to be…

After this either I can’t remember or I was woken up- the latter I think =P

But yeah…really weird…especially since I seemed to have two separate dreams that happened at the same time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Buddah and his daughter

Finally, another crazy dream that I actually remember a substantial amount of...

I was trying to do something for a movie....with animals....

I tried to control a squirrel, mainly, with a type of collar and moving it by the tail [like you might a mouse]. It didn't like it and tried to bite me several times.

I went on other shows that involved animals- mainly people dressed up as animals so I could see how they did it. [yes i know people dressed as animals is different than actual animals] Whatever happened around this point was a cross between what I presume would be a "rave" environment [since I haven't actually been to one] and a kid's show. There was a bunny or kangaroo and it's baby...a real one I think- but it looked more cartoonish. (The squirrel had been realistic looking) I can't recall what I did but it appears later in the dream...

Anyway, I go to some bar or a place with a bar and an unusual arrangement of the bar itself and chairs. There was an empty gap underneath part of the bar and I was sitting on top of the bar talking to somebody. I think most everyone in the room was older than me. I was talking to some guy who was probably 4-6 years older than me.

We tried to do something with a snake- not sure if it had to do with the movie being made- I don't think it did.
Although this scene happened multiple times in my dream in an identical format I can't remember it very well. A giant snake escaped and we tried to catch it. It was vicious and trying to attack me and other people. The guy I had been speaking to killed it....and a baby snake kind of flew out. It was really close to me at the time and I leapt off the bar to escape it. I was bit by the snake and was also shot by somebody trying to shoot the snake. I fell to the ground and- blacked out.

but that's not the end...

I went back to the beginning of that scene....and it happened again...slightly different because I could still remember the time before.

I blacked out and it started for a third time...but this time I was wary...

As soon as the large snake was about to be killed I started rushing around the 'bar' which was a lot more like a house (or it in a house). I tried shutting myself behind doors and I could sense the snake coming and I knew I couldn't hold it. I tried another door and then rushed to the basement where I was sure at least if it came through I would have some room to escape- as opposed to a closet or bathroom which had been the two previous places.

I went down there and looked around. I looked up and in the rafters or on a high place [ a basement...]...there was an old hobo (missing a limb I think). I started to explain my situation to him and walk towards him. I saw a shadow of a giant spider on the wall and directly in front of me were two spiders hanging from the ceiling. One large and one medium sized one directly below it. I screamed and ran out of the basement.

I didn't go back to the bar to find anything out. Instead I seeked out somebody else. I do not recall any bit of his identity other than what he "wasn't" he wasn't fat and he wasn't a child- but I don't remember anything else.

He took me to a statue that he discovered. It was of Buddah. On top of it, in it's hand or lap were for figures. Underneath the stool he sat on were four more figures. The man picked up a figure from underneath the buddah and showed it to me. He said, "This one is you."

I was confused and disagreed. I remember the statue vividly. It wore a roman-esque helmet and nothing else. It was simply shaped and looked most like an infant with large eyes and large wide lips with it's limbs in the air. It was brown-grayish in color as though made out of clay. He insisted that it was me.

Right here I have started to forget...and I knew it when I woke up this morning...

But somehow I came in contact with a girl via the statue- slightly older than me- maybe 4-6 like the guy at the bar. She explained to me that she had been bitten by a snake and shot. I sympathized with her- telling her it had been happening to me a lot. She suggested she knew why. She brought me over to a place with a pool- slightly above ground. It was mostly white in the room. Next to the pool was the dead large mother snake.

She said that her family was having some sort of get-together here. She said that she had to kill the baby snake because she "didn't want them to find out"...she acted as though I understood but I didn't. I didn't have involvement with the snake before now. Apparently the snake being pregnant was a big deal to her and she knew she caused it or may have caused it.

We walked down a hallway away from the pool while she explained this to me. Although I did not completely understand I didn't ask questions because I was learning about what was going on. She explained, poorly, why she had to use me to go through the snake ordeal and she felt sorry. She spoke of her father being a cause of it and how he couldn't find out.

I leaned toward her and whispered, "Ssh. He is here." or something extremely close to that. She turned around looking surprise and I disappeared.

Apparently- i think- the father was the Buddah. Although I never saw him I knew what happened after this was his doing. I was tied to something and was in the same position as I had seen the statue in. Next to me I greeted the bunny and it's baby I had seen earlier- they were tied in the same position as I was- although the baby was on top of the mother. It glared back at me as though this was my fault.

Things get very very blurry after this...but I get an explanation from the Buddah...while being put through various other things...some of which include the snake again...

I wish I could remember more...but I can' was such an interesting dream, even though scarey...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Headaches Aren't Illusions?

For the past few days I have been having weirdly realistic [and mostly negatively themed] dreams followed by a headache all day [likely due to my inability to remain asleep while having these dreams].

First I dreamt- so vividly that I still remember it like it actually happened- that when i was laying down to go to sleep Veggie and I were talking about how cold it was getting and he shut the windows. I remember it really well-everything: the conversation, the action of him shutting the windows...everything...

Then I wondered why the windows were open when I woke up all cold...Veggie didn't remember any conversation or shutting the windows at all. It is kindda creepy because I wasn't sure - since that clearly didn't actually happen - what actually I dreamt and what actually was real.

The other dreams I can't recall entirely but they were also pretty realistic, enough for me to be in a bad mood waking up from them...which I hate doing because I know it's not fair to be upset over a dream- but can't help because it still sits as a hurtful memory for a while.

I want my weird crazy dreams back...this new stuff is not for me...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Woke up in the middle...grr....

The dream started out with me trying to get somebody lost by having them ride a horse ahead of me.

'cept I was riding a think. So we went into this cave and lost track of them. We got to this point that had a thin raised bar of land between too lakes of lava. I told the dragon-horse not to trot like normal because of this but he just got annoyed and told me that he did this before and he knew what to do.

After another similar part we came to this area where there would be waves of lava coming from in front of us. However, there were lines in the world or on the ground and we could only fly within them so we would have to jump immediatly after each individual line and then land immediatly before each line but within the accurate timing of the waves of lava. We got through that and went up a mountain that got really snowy. The lines were still there but we walked most of the way anyway.

We got to a point where there was a bad guy throwing ice shards who had really good aim. I got off the dragon and hid behind a pillar and he was still almost getting me. I tried throwing snowballs but I didn't have good aim or range. He was right next to a line so we couldn't fly over. He started throwing frisbees and snowballs. I tried to get the frisbees and throw them back but that wasn't very effective.

I saw a cave and ran to it. There was so much snow in it though I just rolled out in a pile. My dragon just insulted my stupidity in doing that.

I ran back down to the pillar but all these people/creatures were there with snowballs and the bad guy was just laughing at me for getting into such a situation. He didn't even try anymore. He just watched. I somehow managed to get up the mountain with them trying to feed snowballs feet maybe...I think I just kinda got up by pushing off them...or something...

Anyway, I got up and an old lady was following me. Apparently my competator. We got to a building and entered. Looked a little like a restaurant bathroom without the stalls. There were partially and entirely filled glasses filled with a dim liquid and shards of wrapper-ish material in them. Some sign said you were required to drink it. I grabbed a half full one and drank it all. The old lady caught up and picked up a glass. She said she wasn't going to drink one of those. I told her that she had to and they prolly could tell if she wasn't stoned or something. She drank the liquid in a full glass and not the wrappers. I told her the wrappers were prolly the important part so she took those too.

We pulled our tickets from the wall and she said that maybe we'd have rooms close to eachother (we were in some sort of hotel). Mine was on floor 5, room 93. Her's was on floor 5 and some room in the 70's. So I was like, ya...guess we are pretty close.

So we walked to the elevators where there were hordes of people using them. We finally got in one and it was wicked crowded. First stop was a floor in the 70's and then it went down and we thought that it was our floor but it was really floor 7. Each floor looked the same with the drinks and the bathroom-like appearence (although they weren't closed spaces). We pressed 5 and suddenly the elevator dropped all the way do and landed.

Now, these elevators weren't normal...They were half-covered elevators so you could easily see outside them and such. So we landed in some basement with people sitting around everywhere. I just asked where we were and some tall guy told us that that specific elevator did that sometimes. I stayed in it hoping it would be called up but he soon noted that it never went back up. So I said there must be a way out of here. He said there was a stair well but the employees have to let you up.

So I urged people to figure it out and the guy went up a small flight of stairs to a door and knocked on it. The lady inside responded and he asked her to let us up. She got angry and said no. He walked back grumbling that it was because he had a southern accent and sounded stupid.

I asked if there were any big trucker guys stuck down here that might be more of a motivation. There were not. So I went up myself and told the lady through the door that we had been down there for hours and my grammy was going to die of heat exhaustion if she left us in there and she would be held partially responsible for her death. So, unhappily, she let us out and we were on the 4th floor...we decided to walk up the stairs to the 5th floor instead of taking the elevator...

and then...*crash*...ugh....

SOMEBODY WAS SHAKING ME TO WAKE UP and of course I was in the middle of this dream so I didn't get to find out what happened. =/

There was a lot of old people though...what do you make of that?

Monday, July 30, 2007

dream fractions

Is it the nightly mosquito bites or just a sketchy return of my dreams in general?

Anyway last night I know I had a really long dream, maybe two of them.

In one portion I was walking around in a sort of park alone and came across a mini-zoo type place that looked really sketchy and prided itself by it running on sewage. There were 4-5 words at the enterance. I can't remember them all now but they all described what was in word at least being an indication of "mutation". I go in and there are no cages. Just another park...with GIGANTIC frogs everywhere. Like half my height and probably at least my weight. They didn't move for a while. I wondered what they could eat because they were so huge. I was pretty worried they would eat me.

One jumped towards me and I got freaked out. I noticed a tall man and an old man standing by another enterance or exit. I started going towards them and some more started hoping around and one was clearly chasing me. It kept coming even after i passed the old man and the tall man. There was a small alleyway and a big man there. The big man wrestled the frog and let it go and explained that what had occured was not unusual. Apparently wrestling frogs away from people was his job.

There was actually a really really weird dream I only wish I could remember that had to do with a cyborg animal type thing...that tried to take me over and cause me to do things by sending electrical impulses into my brain. At first though he used electricity to punish me for not doing what he wanted...and it was only after I asked if he was going to do anything that didn't involve pain that his mood drastically changed and he he began using interesting combinations...yeah...i wish i knew how I was led up to this point because I know there was a lot more to it...

It is interesting how many things in my dreams change based on what I say and how rarely I speak in my own dreams. Yet, under the rare circumstance that I do, other elements listen to it. I wonder if it is a measure of how in depth the dream is or how connected I am to it?

I would also like my full whole dreams back [plz thx]